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Writers, Reporters, Journalists, and Bloggers drive the internet. We drive the people and publishers that drive the internet. With our proprietary ConTechtual technology, we match the most relevant advertisers with your original content in RealTime.


Here at AdMagnetix

We understand how much time can be tied up with A. publishing content at the pace of today's Snapchat world, B. monetizing your website, C. and managing your finances. That's why we want to make it our full-time job to take care of your ads, so we both are doing what we do best.







Header Bidding

We provide publishers with a full header-bidding solution - from the initial implementation steps to integrating demand partners and optimizing them. Just be sure to make more room in your pockets.

Monetize Your Traffic

Working with exclusive advertising budgets to deliver advanced video and display ad placements for the highest possible CPMs and ROI..

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Features & Benefits

Working with exclusive advertising budgets to deliver advanced video and display ad placements for the highest possible CPMs and ROI. Using our proprietary technology, we’re able to consistently target the right audiences with the most relevant ads.

Know What Works

Our team will sift, analyze and advise on what's working best with our API's crunching the data you need to see to help you make better decisions about which advertisers provide the most revenue. Our APIs are customized for each publisher so you can know things like, which groups of your users can be leveraged for more premium campaigns.

Dedicated Account Management

Our digital ad strategist will work with you one-on-one for a tailor-made solution to monetize your website for top-dollar. Our expert team responds market changes immediately, thus maximizing your ad revenues consistently. Your dedicated account manager will ensure the right ads are delivered at the right time, all the time.

The Best Process Wins

Intelligently matching publishers and advertisers goes beyond automation, technology and algorithms. For superior results, consistency is key. We employ effective grouping strategies for publishers ensuring that each ad is as contextually relevant as possible enabling us to pay a premium for high performing inventory.


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